Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Private Solutions to Public Problems

We all know that LA has a serious homeless problem to deal with, but the FC is no stranger to the challenge. Certainly Pasadena has struggled in this regard, where tallies of homeless, while declining, still approach a thousand. Now, Donald Sterling, of Clippers fame, is planning at least a partial solution to the downtown homeless problem, according to Curbed LA.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling is talking publicly about his Sterling Homeless Center, a proposed $50 million homeless center located on a 65,000-square-foot lot at 600 Wall St. Speaking to the Downtown News, Sterling tells the paper the center will include a medical center, legal center and homeless court.

It's just a proposal for now, but it's an interesting one, nonetheless. In no small part, we find it fascinating since it's an approach that doesn't demand goverment come up with the solution.

Locally, Pasadena's solution to reducing public homelessness, rhetoric and ten-year plans aside, seems to more often take the form of fewer public benches than anything. But have you seen more evidence of a pro-active Pasadena plan (or for any of the other Foothill Cities, for that matter)? Let us know.

[via Curbed LA]

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