Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pasadena Briefs - 4.10.07

Pregnant aquifers! Bra-flinging at the City Council! The Proctor Is In! Let's roundup the latest local headlines and blogodoggerel...

Ray! World Premiere at Pasadena Playhouse: You heard that right. Take that, Broadway (and you, too, Center Theatre Group). -- Phil Gallo, Variety

Local Homeless Face Tough Conditions: Three years of declining numbers notwithstanding, it's not easy being homeless in Pasadena, particularly for families. -- Cortney Fielding, PSN

Is District 6 Paris?: Not the last time I checked, but that hasn't stopped Ron from making the comparison. -- Pasadena District 6 Blogger

Aquifer Bursting with Water Baby: The San Gabriel Valley Aquifer is so full of water the basin has swollen a full two inches (causing more seismic activity than earthquakes as of late). That has to leave some gnarly stretch marks. -- Fred Ortega, PSN

Aaron Proctor - One Man Funny Machine: His headline should be invitation enough. Top Ten Rejected Attempts to Make Pasadena City Council Meetings More Exciting. -- Aaron Proctor

Bras Flood City Council Meeting!: Okay, that's a complete lie. In fact, it's Wokcano with all the bras (who woulda thunk?) and the only people screaming Bill Bogaard's name...well, no one was screaming his name, but there are some neato pictures over at Eye Level Pasadena. Not as neato as a bar full of bras, but still check them out. -- Eye Level Pasadena

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Jill said...

Hee hee! I should just let you guys write the text that goes with my pictures. You crack me up. Thanks for the link!