Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Schwarzenegger Comes To Town

He's not Santa Claus, but the Governator did bring at least one gift to town on Monday: this picture.

The Politico has an interview with Schwarzenegger after he talked to the local AARP about the state of health care in, um, the state (which Bill Bogaard thinks is "tragic and embarrassing").

Besides this ferocious mug shot, Arnold apparently lives in a neighborhood where used cars cost what my kidney would get me in South Africa. According to The Politico:

He said that on Sunday, he tried to teach his children about volunteerism and public service by painting schools and benches in Watts and other impoverished areas of South Central Los Angeles.


"Look at how different the people are who are hanging out on the street. Look how poor they are. Look at the car dealership. Here's a car dealership where no car is over $1,000.'

"I said to my son, 'Look at that. Not one car is over $1,000 in this area here, because no one has over $1,000. Whereas where we come from, used cars are $120,000.'"

Sheesh! The AHB should pay a visit to Sacramento.

UPDATE: A reader writes, "Geez, he's got big rings on his fingers." I agree.

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