Friday, April 06, 2007

Planet of the Glendorans III of III: The Future

Looks like the future of Planet Glendora, unlike that of San Dimas, will not include a Farmers Market. The new leader of the Glendorans, Ken Herman, says he wants a "pure farmers market—produce, honey, cheese, those kinds of products—not the carnival kind of atmosphere that was the problem before." More specifics concerning the impure, carnival-like ghosts of Farmers Market's past can be gleaned from the inestimable Alison Hewitt's SGVT article. Just imagine wilted produce, crappy knick-knacks, and cheesy, worthless boxes full of felt arts-and-craft doodads being knocked over by foul-mouthed teenagers as city council members take turns in the dunk tank and goats bite little kids in the petting zoo and you'll get the picture . . . "do do doodoo do do doot do doo doo" . . . it is a bizarre world, this Planet of the Glendorans.

I mean, God forbid some teenage girls vandalize some campaign signs—the Glendorans seem to have that planetary nightmare of a scenario under control—but for some reason they can't keep their farmers market from becoming some sort of Pinocchioan Pleasure Island for all the "unruly kids" who "overwhelmed" it last time around. Seems like all most the surrounding foothill cities' farmers markets are doing just fine—what gives?

Anyhow, as Centinel has described, the good news is, recognizing that there is something of an ongoing PR problem, the new Glendoran leader has said: "We need to let people know that this is the office of the citizens and friendly to them, as opposed to a foreign visit that's like a visit to the dentist." The Glendoran council says it will be looking to use modern technology to expand online services, as well as finding a city manager with a "strong customer service philosophy."

Not surprisingly, councilman Tessitor critized the planning department. He and planning commissioner (and more importantly, losing city council candidate) Jeff Johnson no likey each other, plus it is a fact that the department has a bad reputation. Not surprisingly, Alison Hewitt wrote an article about this a few weeks ago. Also not surprisingly, the article is behind a certain local paper's protective wall, although I've snipped some below. [I'm sure there are soooo many subscribers using the online option, it is worth it to them to jealously guard each and every precious article...]

Planning Commissioner Jeff Johnson recently lost in the at-times bitter City Council election that saw him fighting against his bosses for their jobs.

When the three incumbents won March 6, re-elected Mayor Doug Tessitor said Johnson "might want to seriously consider resigning" from the Planning Commission.

With the trio of freshly re-elected councilmen being officially sworn onto the five-member council tonight, Johnson said he has no intention of stepping down, and called Tessitor's comment "childish."

"He's a hothead, and he should have thought about what he was saying," Johnson said, adding Tessitor doesn't have the council's support to have him removed.

"I've gotten a call from all other four \ telling me not to listen to him," he said.

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