Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Glendora: City of Smiles

Or at least, that's what new mayor Ken Herman would like you to think about the city. It seems that Pasadena's First District isn't the only place with a history of making constituents feel unwanted. Alison Hewitt at the WDN reports on Glendora's new charm offensive:

The City Council wants to improve service at City Hall, in part to respond to complaints from Glendora residents, council members said. Challengers in the recent council election also accused city staff of rudeness, and councilmen Gary Clifford, Doug Tessitor and Herman were lukewarm in their defense.

"It runs the gamut from people not getting help fast enough, to not being friendly," Herman said last week. "We need to let people know that this is the office of the citizens and friendly to them, as opposed to a foreign visit that's like a visit to the dentist."

What? You mean you don't want to have the reputation of a city that sends half your police force to arrest a pair of teenage females? Seriously, though, the problems at Glendora betray a level of customer service that would merit a staff massacre at any private retail store.

"Probably the most common complaint you hear is somebody coming into the Planning Department and having the counter closed ... and people are behind the counter but don't acknowledge the presence of the person," Tessitor said. "Somebody standing at the counter should at least be acknowledged and spoken to.

At least? One would think at the least they should be helped. I can think of a lot of ways I've been "acknowledged" and "spoken to" by city staff and the majority of them aren't pleasant.

Stay tuned for Publius on more Glendora action...

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