Friday, April 06, 2007

Pasadena Briefs, Friday Roundup

Local political developments have been so numerous, they're going to need a separate wrap on the week's happenings. So, stay tuned for new Robin Salzer controversy, The Proctor Is In (and he's stirring up trouble), and more city council and board action than you can shake a rolled up newspaper at. Also, don't forget the best comment feature (you only have a couple more hours to contribute your entry).

And with that, to the briefs...

Civil Rights and Pasadena: Pasadena Weekly has a fascinating feature on the local efforts to desegregate the Pasadena school system in the '60s. A must read. -- Kevin Uhrich, Pasadena Weekly

Span Bridges Flint Wash: Or you might say, Bridge Spans Flint Wash. Either way, the new bridge is up and it's purty. -- PSN

Little Endorsement for Bibbiani: That's Paul Little, Pasadena City Councilman, endorsing Bill Bibbiani for the board of PUSD, saying he's "has been calling for a close examination of PUSD bureaucracy and a reduction in the number and costs for downtown administrators." -- PSN

Sky Falling In Pasadena, 8 People Trapped!: Or at least the occasional balcony. -- LAT

Heritage Square Underway...Finally: After a decade of stalling, the City Council is primed kick off long-awaited north Pasadena redevelopment. -- Todd Ruiz, PSN

Rose Bowl Riders Continuing at Hahamonga: Nope, that's not a local version of Hell's Angels, just the equestrian club at the Hahamonga Annex, a 30-acre parcel of land between Pasadena and La Canada. The master plan for the property is being revised; next discussion is April 19. -- Charles Cooper, La Canada Valley Sun

Pasadena Influences Child Lit: Eve Bunting, children's author, credits Pasadena with inspiring stories of prejudicial abuse of Muslim girls while making cider at an apple farm, and she worries about parking tickets. Yes, it is absolutely as confusing as it sounds. -- Valerie Kuklenski, LA Daily News

PEF Scores Steve Sample: The Pasadena Education Foundation announced fundraising all-star Steven Sample, president of USC, as guest speaker for their June 4 event. Expect money to fall from the heavens. -- PUSD Donor Portal

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