Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pasadena Election Drama

This show isn't going up at the Pasadena Playhouse. It's already playing in First District where things are getting hot between Robin Salzer and Jacque Robinson. More precisely, between Robin Salzer's wife and Ms. Robinson. André Coleman has the lowdown at Pasadena Weekly:

An article by Journal owner Joe Hopkins set to be published today reports that Villicana confronted candidate Jacque Robinson on Saturday after a meeting of the 50:50 Coalition, a women's empowerment group, at the Pasadena YWCA.

“Villicana, who is an attorney and Realtor [sic], told Robinson, a 29-year-old newcomer to politics, that [Villicana] claimed to have heard that the Robinson campaign intended to do ‘negative hit pieces' on her and Salzer,” Hopkins wrote in the article, which he shared with the Weekly before publication.

Ooooh, sounds worthy of Sierra Madre. But it gets better. While Hopkins was happy to shop his article around pre-press, apparently he neglected one little detail: speaking to Salzer and Villicana. That oversight has prompted speculation that a libel lawsuit might be forthcoming against Hopkins. The source on that rumor is pretty solid, since it's Robin Salzer.

What exactly happened remains unclear. Robinson and Villicana conversed, that's for sure. Robinson called the conversation "out of the blue," and Villicana said she was speaking as a "mentor." Of course, for Villicana to become a mentor to her husband's opponent would be "out of the blue," so maybe this isn't as confusing as it sounds. Regardless, check the PW for the whole story.


Aaron Proctor said...

Robin Salzer. A name you can trust, smothered in brown mustard and barbecue sauce.

Aaron Proctor said...

My take at this link.

Miss Havisham said...

Anyone who would choose to put the legal screwyew ($$$) to a struggling independent newspaper publisher ought to take a nice, dark, long and deep swim in Lake Themselves. They might come up with a newer, and better strategy for getting their message out than litigation. I'd suggest writing an open letter about whatever your gripe is to the entity.

You can be published and your message heard that way, if you have a message--that is. It's a cheaper, more expedient way to go.

Be careful. If you are an idiot, it will show in your words. Always does. Look at GW.

Certainly, I'd advise anyone seeking redress through litigation against a press entity to seek legal advice. A good lawyer will be familar with what is known as Freedom of the Press.

It may open up a whole new world with regard to Fact vs. rumor-gossip. It's called The World of Integrity ("WoT"). Publishers of such said small indie rags tend to be world travelers of WoT, since it takes a genius to keep one of those operations afloat.

"oversight" my left foot.

Warm Pasadowner Greetings to All,

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that candidate Jacque Robinson has been accused and threatened about not running a clean campaign by her opponent's wife. Her opponent who's key endorsements include:

• International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 12
• Pasadena Police Officers Association
• Councilmember Chris Holden

has advocated to want to improve the neighborhood, focus on schools, and create a Neighborhood Watch to combat crime but on the other hand his wife goes and accuses their opponent of running a negative campaign and his wife also had the audacity to state that she will attempt to take Ms Robinson's and her parents assets if anything negative is printed about them. Jacque Robinson has ran a very clean campaign and i think it is truly unfair to her and the other residents of District 1 to be treated this way. Ms. Robinson was born and raised in District 1, she didn't just move there last November to run in the City Council race. Her opponent really needs to re-evaluate himself and stop having people in his campaign send out negative messages. What is his true motive for wanting to run?? Is it to get back at the City Council for ruling against him and his wife for not being able to put there home up on the hill because of zoning issues?? Maybe his right hand man, Mr. Holden, has the answer in his bag of tricks. Who on the other hand doesnt live in District 1 but feels the need to want to enter the polling stations on election day. What is his true intention?? Is it to make sure the correct person is voted for or is it attempt to fix the vote for the person he wants to win. One thing for sure this might have been stated as a rumor but i know they are all facts. So District 1 when April 17th approaches don't forget to vote for JACQUE ROBINSON the only true candidate from District 1 or you can vote for the other guy and he might just be at your door one day attempting to take your assets and your home, You be the JUDGE....

Anonymous said...

Can't we find something else to talk about - or are we reducing ourselves to becoming like "The Enquirer" when there are more important issues to discuss in our community?? Like the fact that John Muir High School has the lowest academic scores of the entire city? And that we, as a community, are doing NOTHING about it? We should be fighting like hell for our kids.

Streator, Richard and Thompson-Glickman did the best they could while they were in office. Both were seasoned professionals - but whether it's Robinson or Salzer in the seat, we need to stop bickering and start acting like the community we profess ourselves to be.

Democracy -- and representation -- is nothing if we don't look at ourselves in the mirror first.

Anonymous said...

So it's okay to complain about Holden coming into our District -- aka carpetbagger -- but it's not okay to discuss the fact Robinson has VICTOR GORDO coming into our District trying to woo the Latino vote by making phone calls for Robinson???? Give me a break!

The only reason Robinson is pulling tricks out of her hat is because Joyce Streator, of our own community, IS NOT ENDORSING ROBINSON.

What does that say about Robinson? A LOT.....