Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Calm in the Sierra Madre

In Sierra Madre, voters will also decide whether to approve Measure V, which would put some city development decisions in the downtown corridor directly in the hands of voters.

So says the P-Star.

That's about all that was published today on the subject, as the natives of the Sierra Madre go to the polls. Strangely quiet today all along the Sierra Madre media front. Lots of info sits quietly up at the Sierra Madre News site. And in Sierra Madre is resting in the info they've already posted. Downtown Dirt has written its last editorial on the subject.

The Sierra Madre Cumquat is silent; the Yes on Measure V blog is gone; the Sierra Madre Cactus has dried up. Only The Sierra Madruh blog has a post up thus far today, and this guy says he's busy. Over on YouTube, user "migwell1957" has taken down many of the videos that were there formerly, leaving only two clips of complaints about the Cumquat for posterity's sake, I suppose.

The Mt. Wilson Observer remains frozen in the swirling controversies of the final countdown. Belligerent Sierra Madre city council meetings lie embedded with Google Video on K-Gem's website.

If you scroll through our Sierra Madre posts, you'll discover a whole lot more: the last bits from the Sierra Madre Weekly, the P-Star, and even the LAT.

On this day of peace in the eye of the Sierra Madre storm, I'll leave you with the strange, [unfinished?] YouTube video from September 11th of 2006, posted by user "smrrdWebmaster:"

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that video is a goof on the Ken Burns documentary on the American Civil War. It has that same song, and the camera uses the same technique of zooming in or out on still pictures. Funny stuff.

It's always great when a smart, funny city like Sierra Madre goes through a collective freak out, becuase all kinds of blogs/videos/newspapers, etc. pop up.