Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Almost All Quiet on the Pasadena Front

Not unlike Sierra Madre, it's curiously quiet online in Pasadena. The votes are pouring into the ballot boxes (or one would hope they are, though signs point to the contrary), but it seems folks are holding their breath until results start to come in closer to 9:30 tonight.

Bill or Bob, "Mr. Democrat" Lomako or "Iron Your Shirt" McAustin, the handwriting Cooper or hands-on Mastromatteo, and, of course, Barbecuegate Salzer or Obama Drama Robinson; there's been no shortage of controversy in this runoff election.

For now, though, the webwaves aren't exactly humming about the races. Eye Level is silent. Pasadena Pundit's on the presidential race. The PSN just has a brief roundup of the races (probably more intelligible than mine).

Todd Ruiz, though, is back from vacation and has some thoughts on race and the District 1 runoff, and Aaron Proctor is "appearing tonight" at the Pasadena Center (glad to see he's embraced his rockstar, or Goth-star, status).

We're sure this town will explode by the time night falls, and we'll be covering it here.


Aaron Proctor said...

Margaret "Iron Your Shirt" McAustin. That made me spit out my water in laughter. Thank you :-)

Aaron Proctor said...

P.S. KPAS 55 is covering tonight's election LIVE on cable TV.

Jill said...

Eye Level is exhausted from traipsing around town eating free gelato and investigating converting 80's diesel mercedes to run on vegetable oil. More details to come. I'm glad the proctor is embracing his rock star status, too. He makes a lot of sense and I love to see him getting his ideas out and about.

Centinel said...

Jill, you're excused. AP, hope it didn't hit the 'puter: the blogosphere couldn't afford your machine to go down.

Kelly Russell said...

I'm a resident of District 1, and I voted today around 4:30 pm at Harambee (corner of Howard and Navarro). The turnout was abysmal. Judging from the number of checks on the tally sheet, I was voter number 23.