Monday, April 09, 2007

Bill and Ted Will Haunt St. Dimas Forever

Ok, so instead of pointing you to Angelenos mocking San Dimas, this episode of Eavesdropping the FC provides you with more neutral online chatter relating to the little city formerly known as "mud springs."

I like this little San Dimas roadtrip story:

I noticed that along our route lies San Dimas. Now for you Bill and Ted fans out there this is a little geekfest for me. I beg Bill to drive us down by the High School so that I can get a picture of the sign. When we get there guess what… There is NO sign. Now knowing that there are a lot of Keanu Reeve haters out there it disappoints me but does not surprise me. So I take a picture of the building and sadly move on. Goodbye San Dimas, thanks for the memories.

, the movie—San Dimas-style:

"This is blasphemy!" the history professor cried. "Your crack about Athenian boy-lovers makes no sense, you make no mention of the contributions of the Greek navy, your characterization of Xerxes is completely off... everything you've said is madness," he concluded.

"Madness?" Leonidas scowled. "THIS IS SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!!!"

Even if you don't practice Santeria, this website might be your crystal ball. Apparently, as told long ago by an African slave, here's how to get San Dimas to find lost things for you:

San Dimas se me han perdido $100 aquí te amarro hasta que me los encuentres (Tie 3 knots as you are saying this), aquí te quedas hasta que aparezcan.

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