Monday, April 09, 2007

The Proctor Is In: Salzattack

Aaron Proctor always seems to be at the nexus of political controversy in Pasadena. So, should it be any surprise that he and Salzer have crossed paths? From the sound of it, they nearly crossed swords as well.

...I was standing outside, having a cigarette, and chatting with my girlfriend Kelli and my friends Roxy, Damon, and Nora. Robin Salzer walks by and one of us (I believe me) jokes about how we wished there was somewhere we could get a good BBQ sandwich. I turn to Robin and call his name several times (as do a few of my friends) and he continues on his way until he starts talking to someone else, completely ignoring us as we were about 5 feet away from him.

Brutal. Politicians should be warned: ignore AP at your own peril, particularly if there happen to be any steel cages nearby.

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Aaron Proctor said...

The sad thing is, we (my friends and I) were being NICE. It wasn't until he completely ignored us that we got upset. I could see if, say, we were being mean but he totally did the whole "I'm not being seen within 20 feet of Proctor or his 'weirdo' friends" thing that a few other candidates did to me after other forums.