Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Smug Angelenos Snub FC

You think that Mayor Sam's commentator calling the FC "captive and indentured" to LA was bad? There's plenty more where that came from in the attitude emanating from our neighbors to the west.

Actor and writer Don Cummings recently said:

If the Hollywood Sign had burned down, we would have become as indiscernible as our neighbors to the East. Another Monrovia or San Dimas.

In the next sentence he admits that "Without the Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles would appear only as what it is: a cement town of car washes and 99 cent stores of pure, unplanned function." That's true. But that fact is also why, with or without the Hollywood sign, LA is nothing like Monrovia or San Dimas.

But hey, our Eavesdropping the FC category of posts lets you in on the unvarnished thoughts of your friends, neighbors, and enemies around you. Ever wonder what that person is yelling in the car next to you? Well, if it is "Motor Wilson," he might be calling you a sheep for living in the SGV!

CAN YOU SAY SHEEP? SAY IT LOUD. I did. I yelled it for the last 20 minutes of my torturous drive on the 605 north as I headed East on the 210 towards San Bernardino. Everyone lives out here. I mean, EVERYONE, but NO ONE I know. What are these people like? What do these people do?

But these are all rhetorical questions, as Wilson's all seeing eye seems to know what all these people in the SGV, and all those in "middle America" for that matter, are like:

Can I just say I hate the BURBS? For my day job I have to drive all over Los Angeles county, including the San Gabriel Valley. CAN YOU SAY COOKIE CUTTER? SAY IT LOUD TWENTY MILLION TIMES. Ok, this kind of goes back to the previous tirade about religion. The people out here are so very different from the world in which I live (read: West Hollywood, exactly one block from where the transvestite prostitutes sell their platforms for crack, and two blocks from Marc Jacobs). It's so diverse (where I live) the pendulum swinging from one extreme to the next in seconds, not to mention there is life, activity, color. Not in San Dimas, made popular by the infamous Beavis and Butthead, (read: BUTTHEAD). We could be in the middle of America, no one would ever be the wiser. Who would guess we are only 40 miles from Los Angeles. The San Gabriel Valley is the Bible Belt of Los Angeles.

I have no comment. But if you do, go right ahead. "Motor" may be an extreme example, but I'd bet these thoughts are not entirely unlike those held by many an arrogant Angeleno.


Don Cummings said...

COME ON! Urbanites always use the suburbs as cannon fodder. Monrovia is sweet---but quite hemmed in by freeways and big box stores. It will never have the charm of Paris or Florence. San Dimas? With that water park?

I was merely saying--LA AND most of the cities around LA are nothing special. Mediocre planning, at best, has been the mark of most Southern California Cities. And it shows. LA wins in the ugliest category. But the inland empire, one must admit, is not the land of incredible beauty, now, is it?

My biggest attitude problem, most likely, is I am from the East Coast and have also spent much time in France. So if I am smug---it's more Atlantic Ocean driven than Pacific.

This part of the country needs trains and slow, controlled growth.

Good luck to us all.

Anonymous said...

lol, if its paris you like, I suggest you go... and stay. Been there. it is an interesting place with great food, old buildings, small rooms, bad plumbing and cranky people with an attitude that they are better than the rest.

Wondering what is so beautiful about Time Square??? Its a city don!

My advice is you take time to see what the LA area has to offer before just trashing it. I know there is more to Manhattan than just a bunch of theatres, and if id paid enough attention to france as I first arrived, I would have left. The Metro smells like urine. Open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

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