Thursday, March 29, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Measure V not endorsed

Okay, it's only breaking news in that it has to be breaking hearts of Measure V supporters, but the League of Women Voters, Pasadena Area, came out against the controversial anti-development measure in a letter to the Star-News.

First, Measure V removes decision-making from the hands of duly elected and appointed representatives - the City Council and the planning commission.

Second, Measure V does not encourage citizen participation in the decision-making process, because its provisions on building height and units per acre can only be amended by another initiative, a costly and inefficient process.

Third, by making land use decisions through the initiative process, consideration of potential environmental impact and comments obtained through public hearings appears to be secondary to height and density restrictions.

One can only imagine what the Sierra Madre blogosphere will have to say about that. Read the full letter (and other gems) at the Star-News.

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