Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Briefs (Pasadena)

First District candidates at the Pasadena Weekly: Robin Salzer and Jacque Robinson get individual interviews over at the Pasadena Weekly offices. Salzer promises to pick up the phone, crack down on crime, and deal with development. Robinson enlists the affordable housing bunny, wants the public safer and wants to take Muir beyond new shop classes. -- Pasadena Weekly

Drilling Underground: No one has struck gold, oil or aggregate, but nine miles of tunnels may soon be coming to the broader Pasadena area. Er, not particularly soon, since the MTA has just allocated $5 million to begin studying connecting the 710 to the 210 underground. Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard keeps his comments on this development appropriately staid: "I'm hoping that it gets done on a proper basis." Aren't we all? -- Elise Kleeman, Whittier Daily News

Candidates part of walk for peace: The Black and Brown Unity Walk wended its way through Pasadena on Saturday, to protest recent race-based violence. Jacque Robinson took part in the Saturday morning walk and Robin Salzer rallied at the Jackie Robinson Center with Black Male Forum organizers. Mary Frances Gurton -- WDN

College kids on making Pasadena walkable: Speaking of walking, the LA Times Bottleneck Blog (which, I might add, is an excellent resource for regional transportation news and commentary) notes some suggestions on how to make Pasadena more foot friendly. The source? A group of Cal Poly Pomona kids who took on the task for six months. Their ideas? "Widening sidewalks. Building new parks. Increasing bus service." No word on whether they recommended any Yogi Berra Ordinances.

The original PSN article seems to be offline, so you'll have to go to: -- Bottleneck Blog

Watch Pasadena Council get vicious: Or at least that would have been the case before Staid Bill took over the mayoral seat. Nowadays, meetings are unlikely to feature any "two-bagger" cracks, but if you want to see all the action, footage of City Council meetings can be watched at the city's streaming media service. Many thanks to Eye Level Pasadena for reminding us of that fact. -- Eye Level Pasadena

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