Friday, February 09, 2007

Affordable Housing Bunny to Visit Sierra Madre

Poor Sierra Madre is going to try to do more towards encouraging the arrival of the mystical "low-income housing" creature that cities have to pretend they believe in these days, as this Burbank Weekly [!?!] reports reveals. As Mayor Pro Tem Enid Joffe and Joe Mosca pointed out, the current system is ridiculous.

Honestly, none of the requirements imposed on cities from outside (be it regional bureaucracies like SCAG or state law) or city-wide attempts to artificially create low-income housing have really done a damn thing in the grand scheme of things. Attempting to limit the cost of housing in Southern California is like trying to drink all the water out of the ocean. The amount of time city councils have to spend on this pie-in-the-sky stuff is absurd.

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