Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It Ain't Over in Sierra Madre's parting shot
Councilwoman Enid Joffe is the new Mayor in the Sierra Madre rotation, as reported by Erica Blodgett in the Weekly. "Joffe said she wants to focus on filling the city manager position . . . [and a bunch of other stuff, and then, my personal favorite:] and ending council meetings earlier." There was some controversy over the choice of Joe Mosca (who many Sierra Madreans are trying to recall) as Mayor pro tem, and no doubt this prolonged the meeting.

Erica Blodgett also has an article about how "just two and a half months short of the end of his second term, Ron Brandley resigned from the Sierra Madre Planning Commission effective this week after an anonymous phone call to City Hall led to his being questioned concerning his business relationship with Sierra Madre Congregational Church and his role on the Commission." We pointed you to Bill Coburn's report on this strange story a while ago.

The Sierra Madruh announces that Blodgett has started her own newspaper.

See also the Mt. Wilson Observer for articles on all of the above topics, except for Blodgett's alleged newspaper venture.

In lighter news, this report mentions in a throw away line that Sierra Madre is in the running for the National Civic League's "All-American City" award.

And darn it all, just as they were starting to put up online videos here of the most interesting city council meetings in all the FC these days, it looks like they took them down. Anyone know what's going on? I do know you can go to Sierra Madre's website and evaluate it via their quick online survey—in which you can ask them to put city council meetings online.

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91024 said...

Just a point of clarificaion. The Sierra Madreans trying to recall Mosca, are NOT the many, they are the FEW.

sierramadre*grrrrllll said...

An additional point of clarification: the article about Blodgett starting her own blog appears to be a spoof.

Jasen Lewis said...

RE: The Sierra Madre City Council Meetings web postings.

The website has not been officially launched.

The plan is to provide video of meetings on the site within about a week of the meetings occurring. Basically mirroring what we do with Monrovia meetings at . This will begin once the site is launched.

I realize that some test postings were up at various times and so this has caused some confusion.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Jasen Lewis
Executive Director

Community Media of the Foothills



847 East Olive Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016

Publius said...

I am aware the Blodgett article is a spoof...

Thanks for updating us on SM TV, Jasen. We look forward to seeing it. Keep up all the good work you do!

Paddy said...

91024 cracked me up this morning. Those attempting to recall Mosca are not the many, they are the few? Isn't that the same line you knuckleheads used in your "fight" against Measure V?

Cyber Insekt said...

Went out today knocking on doors and getting people to sign the Recall Mosca petition. I am astonished at how easy it has been so far. Very few people seem to like Flipper, and many are holding him responsible for putting Sierra madre through all this.

I love this town!

Wisteria said...

91024--You are right on. The few wanting to recall Mosca are more vocal than those who would not. Unfortunately, it's not hard to get a small percentage of the population to sign a petition. But I hope that when armed with the truth, the majority will vote no.

Oxy Clean said...

Foothill Cities. Where lonely Dirts go to gasp their last.

"Beth! Beth! Why'd you leave us Beth?"

Anonymous said...

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