Friday, April 20, 2007

Wrapping Up in the Sierra Madre

Measure V proponents Sierra Madre Councilman Kurt Zimmerman and resident Kevin Dunn celebrate the results of Tuesday night’s election. – Photo by Terry Miller

In the Measure V victory post, I neglected to mention Erica Blodgett's Arcadia Weekly article.

See also the Bill Coburn article, pictures, and two videos (videos both involve Councilman Kurt Zimmerman) from the Sierra Madre News.

[Further, note that "Planning Commissioner Ron Brandley has tendered his resignation to the City Council," but not, he says, because he has done anything wrong. His resignation is the result of an anonymous phone call suggesting the fact that his wife's flower shop gets money from a nearby church—which sought and received a conditional use permit from the planning commission—amounts to a conflict of interest. Very strange incident, written up by Bill Coburn.]

The Mount Wilson Observer announces "Village People Prevail With Measure V Victory" and basks in the sun of victory. Meanwhile, Downtown Dirt signs off:

...this is’s last article. It’s time to move on to other endeavors in other ways. I will miss the phone calls, and the emails; I’ll miss the camaraderie, the friendships; I’ll miss the news and the excitement, the emotion and the urgency; I’ll miss the passion.

I will miss you guys terribly…

…But not them.

Heh. What will happen next? We'll all be watching...


Anonymous said...

The Sierra Madre Cactus takes a off beat and irreverant parting shot at Beth Buck.

Paddy O'Shea said...

Paddy O'Shea opines thusly:

The dollar a "No" vote canard is despicable. It is really $1.00014 a vote. People really should get their facts straight.

Oh, and the recall Joe Mosca campaign now has a theme song:

Anonymous said...

It is more despicable is that Sierra Madreans had to vote on Measure V in the first place. What was wrong with continuing to work on the Downtown Specific Plan and putting it to a community vote in November like originally planned? Zimmerman wants to turn Sierra Madre into San Marino or LaCanada. Those communities do not have a Measure V. They contain all their detailed requirements within their General Plans.

Paddy said...

Got a thing against Democracy, eh Nonny?

That's OK. Porbably explains why you lost.

Anonymous said...

Who the HE** is Paddy O'Shea? All I can say is Paddy O'Shea PLEASE GO AWAY! The election is over!

Paddy said...

Nonny - Shouldn't you be out blowing up mailboxes or something?

Anonymous said...

This just in... Paddy O'Shea is Don Watts (probably). Do you know any other angry Irish people in town?

Anonymous said...

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