Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pasadena Briefs - 4.13.07

All sorts of bizness going on in the Dena this week. Here's some of the things you might have missed.

Pasadena power gets spring greening: On Monday, the City Council decided to take a 2.5% stake in a Utah windfarm, rather than renew a contract with a nearby coal plant. -- Molly R. Okeon, WDN

Our aquifer rocks, treat it with respect: So says the Star-News in an unsigned, but since when is the SGV just called "the Valley?" -- PSN

Bob and Bib, mano a mano at the Weekly: The Pasadena Weekly interviews the PUSD board candidates. -- Pasadena Weekly

More Pasadena endorsements for PUSD board race: "There are no women, no blacks on the PUSD School Board," says Julie Parker, so she thinks Renatta Cooper is a must. Hey, at least she doesn't beat around the bush. -- Julie Parker, PSN.

Meanwhile, the Star-News itself comes down in favor of McAustin over Lomako. -- PSN

Open thoughts on open spaces: The West Coast Grrl links to local conservancies to help fill out the PSN article on leaving places for the wild things to roam in and around Pasadena. -- WCGB

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