Thursday, April 26, 2007

Massaging Todd Ruiz

Speaking of Todd Ruiz, apparently, he's no stranger to the, ahem, challenges one faces in a massage parlor, at least not when in Bangkok.

More importantly, as Ruiz pointed out, the City Council didn't get into any great detail on the massage parlor permit freeze (much to our dissatisfaction). If you can't believe that such an issue would pass through the halls of the Pasadena Senior Center (for the last time, I might add, since the Council will be back in its retrofitted City Hall next week), skip to 2:19:00 (give or take ten seconds) here. You probably will be disappointed.

But once you've overcome that sadness, read Ruiz's piece in the SGVT, which addresses this very issue. Favorite quote?

Police Chief Bernard Melekian said "almost by definition" some portion of massage parlors engage in prostitution activities, which requires labor-intensive police work to investigate.

"Labor-intensive," eh? I won't even ask, Chief.


Miss Havisham said...
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Miss Havisham said...

HAH! (I had to correct my spelling) What an unfortunate GW-like choice of words from the Chief. Maybe reinstating lap dances wood ease up the work load.

Oh, by the way, poor Pomona.

This is my new favorite blog.

Anonymous said...

the best source for local politics news by far. Excellent coverage of this Poormona scandal. This is my new favorite blog too

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