Friday, March 30, 2007

Best Comment of the Week

As promised, on Fridays we'll be noting the best comment of the week. This week, our honoree is none other than Aaron Proctor, former candidate for Mayor of Pasadena, for his response to Pasadena Election Drama. Proctor's thoughts?

Robin Salzer. A name you can trust, smothered in brown mustard and barbecue sauce.

Heh. For AP's take on the same issue, click here. Future winners may receive Cancun timeshares as a reward for their creativity or insight. Currently, finances permit only free publicity. Congrats, Aaron.

[Foothill Cities does not necessarily endorse the opinions of commentators by handing out said award. Foothill Cities may, in fact, disagree with the opinions voiced by said commentators. Foothill Cities does, however, give the award based on the comments it finds "best," and Foothill Cities reserves the right to define "best" however the hell we want. Please use comments responsibly.]