Friday, March 23, 2007

PUSD Still in Dire Straits

No, PUSD isn't strumming bass for these guys. And Dr. Robert Hodgson, the district chief financial officer, isn't exactly bursting into song.

Hodgson, who is nearing a year’s anniversary in the post, said the district can balance the budget next year through use of categorical funds. However, the cupboard is pretty bare for program improvements.

Pasadena is facing deficits of $3 million and $4.5 million in outlying years, with continuing discussion going on about ways to deal with the imbalances.

On a happier note, local charter schools are booming (and winning acclaim). Of course, according to Hodgson, that's presumably a bad thing, since it means 34 lost jobs. Since the students are still in school, one can only assume they are being taught by teachers, which would seem to indicate that the teaching market hasn't shrunk, just opportunities in the public school system. Looks like the school district is going to have to, *gasp*, compete for students.

There's rafts of important news in Pasadena, but it is Friday and to do it all justice, we'll tackle it over the weekend. Stay tuned...

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