Monday, March 19, 2007

Claremont Weed Removal

Good news for concerned citizens of Claremont: the city has stamped out the last smoking embers of marijuana. From the Claremont Courier:

The medical marijuana dispensary, located at the 600 block of S. Indian Hill Boulevard, will not be re-opening its doors for business any time soon. On Thursday, a Los Angeles Supreme Court judge in Pomona ruled in favor of the city of Claremont by issuing a preliminary injunction against Darrell Kruse, owner and operator of the dispensary.

The injunction requires Mr. Kruse to shut down his business until after a trial is held deciding whether to enforce the injunction permanently. That will not likely be held until sometime in fall, said Jeffrey Dunn, an attorney with Best, Best & Krieger who represents the city of Claremont.
Overlooking the bigger issue here, namely the continuing tension between state and federal law, I think we can all take comfort in the elimination of this threat to Claremont's youth. No doubt, now that CANNABIS (Claremont All-Natural Nutrition Aids Buyers Information Service) has been closed, there will be no other means for the young and restless to access cannabis. We can all rest easy again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you just aren't terribly bright, are you.....

Any wonder no one responds to any of your lies?

Please, at any cost, purchase a clue, ok sparky?

Anonymous said...

This Tuesday, the Claremont City Council plans on making a wacky kind of move. They will not be making any ruling on Medical Marijuana. Instead, they will be introducing an ordinance regarding the prohibition of businesses that contravene state and/or federal law. Way to go Mayor Yao!

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