Friday, March 16, 2007

Claremont Council Double-Dealings

The Claremont Insider has posted in full the text of Rebecca JamesCourie's post-election editorial (published 3.14.07) from the Claremont Courier. Apparently, campaign promises are rapidly falling by the wayside. For example,

Quite a few issues were bantered about during the last campaign. One that had Claremonters raising their voices in unison had to do with mining. Hearing their rising fervor, some campaigners succumbed to the lure and admonished crowds that there would be no mining in Claremont. One can’t wait to see how this will not happen since the city has to yield to a higher authority on this issue—the state. The sad truth of the matter is that there will be mining in Claremont. Oops, one promise shot down.
To pour salt in those fresh wounds, the oft-maligned Vulcan Materials Company was dubbed the most-admired building materials company in America by Fortune, in part for the company's "social responsibility."


Anonymous said...

This Tuesday, the Claremont City Council plans on making a wacky kind of move. They will not be making any ruling on Medical Marijuana. Instead, they will be introducing an ordinance regarding the prohibition of businesses that contravene state and/or federal law. Way to go Mayor Yao!

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