Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wanted: Arcadia Citizens Oversight Committee

"The November 2006 General Obligation Bond - or Measure I - is the $218 million school facilities bond approved by more than two-thirds of Arcadia voters," as this Pasadena Independent article by Traci Kratzer explains.

Problem is, "[l]egislation requires that all districts that are successful in passing a general obligation bond create a Citizens Oversight Committee to actively review and report on the proper expenditures of taxpayer's money for school construction." So Arcadia is advertising for "interested, civic-minded citizens who are willing to give time to serve on the Citizens Oversight Committee to apply."

Democracy [in]-action, I suppose. Local governments often face this sort of problem as very few people want to run for office or participate in such things. Then again, one wonders about some of those people who seem over-eager to enter the world of local politics as well.