Tuesday, January 09, 2007

State of Monrovia II

Speaking of Monrovia, the Arcadia Weekly announces (as well as the Pasadena Star)that "Mary Ann Lutz, the current Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Monrovia, has launched her campaign to be reelected to the City Council..." She says the city "need[s] a new Library...and we must complete the Hillside Preserve Management Plan, maintain smart growth, and plan for the Gold Line Extension all with the continued fiscal responsibility Monrovians have come to expect." She's fairly new member of the city council (since 2003).

"A gubernatorial appointee to the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board, Lutz has also represented Monrovia on the San Gabriel Council of Governments, the LA County Integrated Waste Management Task Force, and is the City liaison to the Chamber of Commerce and the Monrovia Unified School District."

Her website is here.

By the by, this is by no means an endorsement. In the future I hope to round up the websites of all those running for city elections in March and put them on one page for readers, as well as providing commentary.

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