Thursday, December 28, 2006

More Glendor-a-ma

An Alison Hewitt SGV Tribune article details yet another chapter in the contentious world of Glendora politics:

A lawsuit by Glendora resident Gil Aguirre, who has been in an ongoing disagreement with the city over the fees for a proposed lighting district, accused the city of having illegal requirements to access public records. Among other things, Aguirre contested the $25 fee the city eliminated this week.

"It looks like we won on that one," said Aguirre's attorney, Robert Silverstein.

Though he and Aguirre remained critical, Mayor Doug Tessitor described the issue as a minor formality spurred by Aguirre's complaint.

"All we were doing was changing our ordinance to conform to the law, as a house-keeping thing," Tessitor said.

Even if you thought Gil Aguirre was just another half-crazed gadfly type, calling compliance with state law regarding public record access a mere "housekeeping thing" is hard to justify. Later in the article City Manager Eric Ziegler says that some of Mr. Aguirre's requests for information simply "fell through the cracks." This is also hard to justify—is the city of Glendora overloaded with requests for public records? As they say in the old country, it just don't look good.

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