Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Glendora Political Battles Finally Get Some Press

This blog exists to shine a light into the often forgotten world of foothill city politics, if only to reveal some damn interesting stories. Local politics in Glendora, for instance, are chock full of petty hilarity and just plain outrageous goings on. (Which is not to suggest that there aren't important underlying issues underneath it all that residents should be aware of. In fact, there are. Which is why all the nasty politics bubbles up to the surface.)

Which is why, for readers of this blog, Jim Newton's Sunday LA Times article is a must read. (If for some strange reason you haven't registered for the free online edition of the LAT, the article can also be found here.) We're talkin' 'bout a controversial public access TV show, long held grudges and bitter accusations, an infamous "paintbrush incident," and mysterious missing minutes on the city's website.

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