Thursday, May 03, 2007

LAT Piles on Parsons

The LAT (via Bloomberg News) has more information about the critical audit of Parsons in a brief article.

Pasadena-based Parsons has received $733 million for work in Iraq's postwar reconstruction.

Audits of Parsons' work "uncovered a number of significant problems with prisons, hospitals, public health clinics," said Stuart W. Bowen Jr., the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction.

So, it's not just the bad plumbing in the BPC. And we also hadn't realized that Parsons is the "top U.S. construction contractor in Iraq." Even though Ms Kuhlman says their projects are winding down, it would be a big deal if the company was barred from further work.


Miss Havisham said...

Poor Parsons Pasadena plummeting plumbing projects PR pity party.

Centinel said...

An amazingly apt and analytical alliterative aria.

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