Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dreier's Dollar Suppliers

A reader calls our attention to more information about Rep. Dreier's campaign finances then you can shake a stick at (note the special "reader" italics).

Excellent work. Just read the Dreier piece. If you want to link to more info on Campaign Financing check out You can track down each of Drier’s donors and compare year to year.

Dreier’s page is: If you play around you can get to past election cycles, too.

The excellent work, of course, belongs to the reporters who did the real legwork on this, particularly Lisa Friedman over the at the Daily News. As we noted, Dreier's situation isn't really all that dire, his precipitious decline in fundraising notwithstanding. Ed Barrera made the same point in the comments (note the "commenter/quote" bold):

We carried the story, albeit inside. The reason is because maybe he's right. I think it would be bigger news if it continues this way for a few more cycles.

Good point. One slow quarter does not a disaster make...or something like that.

Of course, if you want to ask Dreier's minions about it, they'll be taking the questions and concerns of the public, according to the La Canada Valley Sun. Actually, the briefing is to "assist residents who may have a problem with federal bureaucracy." I got one: it's too damn big.


Anonymous said...

Dreier's not going anywhere anytime soon. He's got a Hulk Hogan-like headlock in the local party, and too much respect in DC. We'd be stupid to get rid of him. Besides I don't think a Dem could get elected in this district if their life depended on it. You saw what he did to Matthews last time around.

Centinel said...

Despite the brouhaha over his letter regarding the border agents and the bitter claims about him being soft on immigration, I agree. It would take some serious, and consistent, failure in fundraising for me to really raise an eyebrow, and given the size of his war chest, I doubt I'd be able muster up more than that.

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