Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Your Friends and Neighbors...

Last year I did not renew my subscription to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and this year I will end my delivery of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, I have opted to subscribe to an online news source instead.

My subscription to the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly will continue, with no plans of stopping delivery this year.

I wonder if this guy found the place he wanted:
I got off on Azusa Ave./SR-39 and went up to take a peek at Azusa, one of the more working class suburbs in the area. It wasn't too bad, actually. A little more ethnic, but no different than Riverside. I cruised East on Foothill through Glendora, also a pretty city. The eastern edge of Azusa (closer to Glendora) was pretty nice...Initially I considered as far West as Pasadena...

What kind of shows?
We have shows in San Dimas, Pomona, San Gabriel, Norwalk, Glendora, and Covina.

They finally open up Glendora Mt. Road, and look what happens:
...got stuck offroading today in the mountains. Mr. Wilson and I decided to try to take a walking trail that was located about halfway thru Glendora Mt. Road; it was gated off...

He don't like Glendora:
I Don't think I want my kids living here.
Too much .... "Glendoraness"
Those of you that live here know what I'm talking about. There's too much hate, racism, and drama here. I would give anything to move out of this city.

Is he talking about Glendora, CA?


Ed Padgett said...

As I read with interest of the person stopping his subscription to the Daily Bulletin and San Gabriel Valley Tribune, I said to myself “Sounds like a wise person” and then noted the link back to my blog, and realized the words were mine.

I’m happy to report I just paid for another six months of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and wish my employer (Los Angeles Times) would get a clue and start publishing news for San Dimas a bit more often.

Edward said...

I'm happy to hear your report too.

Anonymous said...

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