Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pomona: City of Ill Tidings

As you may have noticed, Pomona is well on its way to becoming the new Duarte in these parts. Just yesterday, I noted the curious coincidence of a prostitution sting and Mayor Norma Torres attempt to use bureaucracy to improve talking ties 'tween City Council and the men of the law.

Prostitituion and poor communication are hardly the least of Pomona's worries. The latest plan to reduce the homeless population in Downtown LA has them building a new homeless Pomona (Cara Mia DiMassa and Jack Leonard, LAT). Uh huh. It's not enough that Los Angeles exported its gang problem to Pomona and surround cities. Now, they'll send their homeless as well. Brilliant.

Of course, that's not the big news. It turns out even Pomona criminals don't have it together: Robbery Suspect Arrested When His Leg Falls Off. That's right. His Apparently, robbery and prosthetics are a losing combination. And now most news outlets in America have run a story on the loose-limbed thief. Nice.

You might make the mistake of thinking this was good news: Few Signs of Holiday Homicides (Mark Petix, DB). In fact, that headline doesn't refer to a lack of violence on Easter, but rather the way that evidence of recent killings vanished almost immediately.

Heck, while Pasadena's courts score Snoop Dogg, Pomona courts get this guy. Oh sure, Pomona has a cameo in Borat, but it's hardly, ahem, flattering. Our apologies to Miss Havisham, but Pomona just can't catch a break.

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Miss Havisham said...

Don't apologize to me. You are absolutely right. Borat & Pomona are fitting partners in bad taste. Although, Borat was making a point. Pomona? Something sinister captured the ground water in and around that place, its never been right since.

Yesterday, I scoured Pomona's Online Photo Gallery looking for any evidence of the beautiful old Pomona Public Library. Nada. There were plenty of pics of the 1970 NEW Civic Center dedication ceremonies. And, after looking at kids forced to "catch" trout in a 1 ft. deep cement swimming pool---I mean reflecting pond, faces distorted in distressed fake smiles, I knew they were probably depressed about all the big trees and grass ripped out to make way for that hideous hellhole of hot, cheap concrete progress.

Of course, Miss H dashed off a letter of concern to the photo librarian as to the complete absence of ANY photographic evidence that the old library existed. Hundreds of depictions of Pomona from the 1800s thru the 1970s yet nothing of that building, not even a mention of it anywhere in their historical society pages.

I received a very kind, prompt response with an assurance that they would soon be posting those photos. The polite librarian attached one photo of it in an effort to placate my simmering outrage.

Ohm me. What a disgrace. The architectural and social ravaging is hidden in the online collection. Pomona is forever stuck as a City Counsel's rape victim in full denial, maintaining the histerical historical amnesia and remaining obedient to insanity.