Friday, April 20, 2007

Pasadena Briefs - 4.20.07

Action that you might have missed over the past week. Consider this the antidote to election coverage.

The fruits of victory: And you thought election coverage was over. Ha! Runoff victors get cracking on the jobs they wanted so badly. - Todd Ruiz, PSN

Proctor's influence grows: Unless, of course, the nefarious Bill Bogaard just wants to keep his enemies closer. - Aaron Proctor

Caltech to put St. Luke's on chopping block: Alternatively, the school may lease the 13-acre property acquired in 2003. - Elise Kleeman, SGVT

Shop Michael Sharpe Soon: The well-regarded Heritage Book Shop (on Melrose in LA) recently closed, but Michael Sharpe snagged much of the collection and two of the employees. Michael Sharpe Rare and Antiquarian Books should open on Marengo in Pasadena by August (I prefer the Thursday finds from estate collections here). - Fine Books Blog

Bulgarini Gelato is open:
Free Gelato! Jill has pictures. - Eye Level Pasadena

Pasadena Pol Portantino Watch: Ever wonder if our state legislators are serving our interests? Assemblyman Anthony Portantino wants to save umbilical cord blood through law. - News10

Hahamonga Annex Plan Planned Unveiling: Chief Hahamovic would be proud. - Charles Cooper, La Canada Sun


Aaron Proctor said...

According to the site, I'm one of the signs of the Rapture.

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