Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Note to Sierra Madre: Civility Offsets Available

Perusing only the finest news sources, I found the perfect program for the acidic blog community up in Sierra Madre: Genteel blogs offer "civility offsets" to vitriolic bloggers.

A draft proposal circulating in the so-called blogosphere would allow family-friendly blogs to sell “civility offsets” to vitriolic bloggers who prefer to pay for “nastiness indulgences” rather than to tame their bitter tirades.

Hey SM, you listening?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that the "Yes" folks are so righteous about behavior...you should have been at Tuesday's council meeting;excessive "coughing", laughing, calling out from the audience, hissing,etc.They want you to supposedly have the "right to vote"...as long as you vote the way they do.
By the way, another great website is sierramadrenews.net
---Lisa Spigai-Perez