Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Measure V Update

One of our most faithful commenters, anonymous, brings us the latest on the outstanding Measure V votes:

There seems to be some question about how the 180 ballots (absentees turned in during the election as well as the provisional ballots) yet to be counted will affect the outcome.

While the 180 ballots are key, too large a percentage (at least 77.8%) would need to be NO votes for those ballots to affect a change in the results. Looking through the various precincts and absentee results that seems highly unlikely*. While the gap may grow or shrink it looks as though Measure V has indeed passed.

*The results so far show an average shift of 9.6% with a standard deviation of 6.3%, therefore this is NOT a statistical dead heat. We're talking about being around three standard deviations away from the 77.8% needed to change the results.