Thursday, April 12, 2007

Flocking Glendora

Time to listen in on your friends and neighbors...

Ah, the traditional Easter hangover[?!?]:

Forget the traditional egg hunt and ham on Easter Sunday, let alone a church service. This weekend was all about hitting up five different bar scenes in three days. It was exhausting.

We hit up a hooka bar in Glendora, Eden Garden Cafe, which is owned by a Jordanian family, on Thursday.

Guess it's not as bad as an Easter prostitute run. Anyhow, there's also the too-much food hangover:

Called Petrillo's, it's a nice Italian place in Glendora. As restaurants go, it definitely has a neighborhood vibe and seems to be the sort of place that local families frequent.

Their pizza was...impressive. A more apt term might be "meat cake". Strong italian sausage on thick pepperoni slices, all carefully balancing on a shifting layer of real mozerella.

The size of it also caught me off guard. A medium there is the equivalent of an extra-large anywhere else.

But is Petrillo's anywhere near the Arcadian eatery of the pizza gods? Anyhow, back to Glendora—what manner of town is this?

Back in high school, while at a party in Glendora (not a partying town), between Kate raiding the medicine chest and Damien guys trying to impress girls, I wondered aloud why I seemed invisible to the male of the species.

I dunno. If it's "not a partying town," what is with all the flocking? It's all a part of the Life and Times of Glendora FRIENDS Church:

The other day, as Gina and I were driving around old town Glendora, she looked down a street and said, "Look at all those flamingos."

I didn't think about it much until I was walking around the same area a few days later and walked in front of a house whose yard was full of flamingos--the pink, plastic kind. In amongst the lawn ornaments was a hand written sign: "Warning: You've Been Flocked."


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