Monday, April 23, 2007

Best Non-PC Commentary

That's the best comments besides P (Publius) and C (Centinel). We've been remiss in the recounting the best comments as of late, so what better time to do so than Monday afternoon? We've got terrorists in La Verne, a pittance of pity for Pomona, and the omnipresent Aaron Proctor in the queue, though there have been many other excellent comments over that time period (we just can't feature them all).

"robert c. j. parry" left the following thoughts regarding La Verne as a possible terrorist target.

Joke as you might, but the Islamist insurgents in Iraq have clearly shown knowledge of the weapon value of large quantities of chlorine, which is exactly what Weymouth has.

I've toured the place (when I was a student at U of LV). It would not take much more than a couple of guys with commonly available weapons to raid the it and set off a mid-size explosion that would flood the Valley with chlorine gas and put 20% of the water-filtration in LA off line. Combine that with a truck bomb on the 10-57 interchange, and now you've cut the place off to a large extent.

This, of course, is the problem with countering terrorism. Ignore a little place like Weymouth and Bad Hajji will make you pay for it. There are a hundred thousand places like this around the country. Every one we don't completely secure is an opportunity for Al Queda to kill hundreds. If you want to make all Americans uneasy, you don't hit New York, you hit a little place that nobody thinks you would hit.

Publius responded: Fair enough, I'm glad someone is taking care of such things. But I'm also not going to lose any sleep over it.

Mr. Parry is certainly right to note the devastating psychological effects of a terrorist attack on a target such as the water plant, precisely because it would be so unexpected. But I think it's fair to assume that an attack hoping to strike the most terror in the general population would be much more likely to strike a target such as The Shops at Santa Anita, that is, a mall. Better yet, Disneyland or some other location specifically geared toward leisure and entertainment, with iconic status for good measure. In our own case, an attack on Lucky Baldwin's might serve to shake our hearts with fear.

Meanwhile, Miss Havisham took the time to respond to our Poor Pomona post.

Don't apologize to me. You are absolutely right. Borat & Pomona are fitting partners in bad taste. Although, Borat was making a point. Pomona? Something sinister captured the ground water in and around that place, its never been right since.

Yesterday, I scoured Pomona's Online Photo Gallery looking for any evidence of the beautiful old Pomona Public Library. Nada. There were plenty of pics of the 1970 NEW Civic Center dedication ceremonies. And, after looking at kids forced to "catch" trout in a 1 ft. deep cement swimming pool---I mean reflecting pond, faces distorted in distressed fake smiles, I knew they were probably depressed about all the big trees and grass ripped out to make way for that hideous hellhole of hot, cheap concrete progress.

Of course, Miss H dashed off a letter of concern to the photo librarian as to the complete absence of ANY photographic evidence that the old library existed. Hundreds of depictions of Pomona from the 1800s thru the 1970s yet nothing of that building, not even a mention of it anywhere in their historical society pages.

I received a very kind, prompt response with an assurance that they would soon be posting those photos. The polite librarian attached one photo of it in an effort to placate my simmering outrage.

Ohm me. What a disgrace. The architectural and social ravaging is hidden in the online collection. Pomona is forever stuck as a City Council's rape victim in full denial, maintaining the hysterical historical amnesia and remaining obedient to insanity.

I guess we didn't need to apologize after all. Poor Pomona.

And finally, the best comment:

The winner of the past week (or two) is no stranger to the gold medal stand. Yes, yes, it's Aaron Proctor, but with a series of comments too humorous not to laugh at, he can't be denied the crown (could we fit another negative in there?). The winning comment? AP responding to news that Snoop Dogg was making a court appearance in Pasadena, which caused the intern to break a rib (don't worry, we don't have an intern).

Bill Bogaard was reached for comment and he replied, "Fo shizzle." and proceeded to do a "cabbage patch" dance.