Friday, March 30, 2007

Lost in the Sierra Madre

Things have gotten so bad in the Sierra Madre that the city council is trying to write "a code of conduct" the better to restrain itself, but as the headline to Erica Blodgett's article in the Sierra Madre Weekly notes, they found it hard to agree about how best to disagree. This may be a well intentioned effort but it is going nowhere, as the "guidelines" [i.e., "suggestions"] they did finally agree on contain no "provisions for censure or punitive measures."

As the "war of words escalates," Blodgett also has an article summarizing many of the latest twists and turns regarding Measure V, the controversial anti-development measure that would severely limit the size and shape of future development in Sierra Madre, in part by circumventing the role of the planning commission, instead putting future projects up for a general election vote. Centinel has detailed many of latest ins and outs; scroll down through our Sierra Madre section for more, including YouTube footage of some of the council debates.

Take a break from all the wrangling and check out one of my favorite Sierra Madre blogs, which simply sticks to art. I also recently discovered this painting of the Alverno Villa in Sierra Madre:
You could check out the Villa if you decided to attend the upcoming 2007 Sierra Madre 37th Annual Cuisine and Wine Tasting Friends of the Library Fundraiser.

Sounds like fun. On the other hand, if the "Villa at Alverno will be festooned in all its elegance," as the city's website says, putting a bunch of Sierra Madreans in it and giving them booze sounds like a recipe for disaster. (If you are ever hungover in Sierra Madre after a hard night of swearing loudly about Measure V, some might tell you to go to Bean Town—where you can get some nice desserts and pastries too.)

I asked a Sierra Madrean recently what all the fuss was about and was told, "Basically, there are people against development, and other people even more against development." If you have a one-liner that breaks down the two sides in town, we want to hear from you.

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