Friday, March 23, 2007

Crumbling Local Website

This blast from the "past issues" file in Glendora politics still stands on the web, with a page full of old and mostly boring Glendora links. Still, I love finding old websites, still standing amidst growing weeds in their forgotten corner of the electronic jungle. "," which tried to rally support against those damn lighted and noisy sports parks in suburbia, looks like it stands as a crumbling and all but forgotten monument to NIMBY-ism everywhere.

By the way, this particular issue is one that gets repeated throughout the foothill cities—in Claremont, for instance, with the ongoing Padua Sports Park controversy.


Anonymous said...

This Tuesday, the Claremont City Council plans on making a wacky kind of move. They will not be making any ruling on Medical Marijuana. Instead, they will be introducing an ordinance regarding the prohibition of businesses that contravene state and/or federal law. Way to go Mayor Yao!

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