Saturday, February 24, 2007

Azusa Stuff

Azusa Pacific University gets screwed via eminent domain, although they may have deserved it (I'm unsure of the details on this one).

More within our focus, Alison Hewitt reports in the SGV Trib on another candidate forum in Azusa:

Council candidate Andrea Cruz came out swinging, repeatedly steering questions back to the problems she sees in the council's redevelopment plans. She promised to end the threat of eminent domain hanging over dozens of local businesses.

Three people weren't there: candidate John Dierking didn't show up (again), and this time Joe Rocha and Robert Gonzales couldn't make it either. If you want see 'em all (except Dierking), just go to YouTube here and check out the last forum. The SGV Trib somehow found out that this was on YouTube and ran a bit explaining that "Azusa resident Art Ramirez" taped the forum and put it online:

"This is a great way to get the word out," Ramirez said. He originally planned to put his tapes on the local cable channel, but ran into difficulties.

"So I thought, I have YouTube available to me - I can put it up there," he said. "Then people can look at it any time they want, even run it back and review it.

Finally, it warms my heart that somewhere in the mountains above Azusa, men like this are still mining gold. Thanks to Bethania Palma of the SGV Trib for a great local character article. Wonder if old Bernie McGrath has any opinions on the Azusa city council race.

Picture from SGV Trib article

Again, the Pasadena Star News offers its recommendations on the race here.


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