Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Regional Airports

Apparently, United and Delta are vying to fly out of the Palmdale airport again.

If northeast county residents fly out of Palmdale, it could mean fewer weekend travelers clogging local freeways while making the drive to LAX or Burbank Airport, which is now called Bob Hope Airport.
Weekend traffic continues to jam both local east-west freeways, namely the Pomona (60) and the San Bernardino (10) through the San Gabriel Valley. Also heavy during Saturdays and Sundays are the San Gabriel River (605) and the Long Beach (710) freeways.

"Heavy" indeed. A big, bloody mess that gets worse every week is more like it. I'm not crossing my fingers for more flights in and out of Palmdale to help things, but it would be nice if the op-ed was right.

As a recent USA Today article by one Martin Kasindorf tells us, the Ontario airport is now "LA/Ontario International. And the airport in Palmdale, 60 miles northeast of the city, is LA/Palmdale Regional Airport." Regional airports, the future of transportation? If they can get the prices down low enough on some staple routes, I would guess this might be the case. From what I hear, things are looking up for regional airports all over southern California. But I'll continue to disbelieve that their success will reduce traffic until I see actual results. The 210 was supposed to reduce traffic, remember?

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