Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Redeveloping Your Tax $

Council members for three Valley cities get paid nearly 10 times the maximum amount allowed under state law for serving on their communities' redevelopment agencies, more than a year after implementation of a bill designed to limit compensation for service on such boards.
-Fred Ortega's SGV Tribune article

The cities cited are Rosemead and West Covina (which pay $1,200 per month to city council members for also sitting on their city's redevelopment board), and Baldwin Park ($1,100 per month).

To Do:

Find out how much your city council members get for putting on their "redevelopment agency hat" and simply attending more meetings in which they can enact more regulations and make more decisions controlling the fate of development in your city. They may be giving themselves much more a month than they get for being city council members.

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