Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Peafowl Rights

Researching a bit over the holidays for this blog, perusing through some basic keyword searches, I ran across a Myspace post that says in Arcadia "Peacocks have the right of way to cross any street, including driveways." Most of what comes up as far as breaking news for Arcadia is related the horse races, so this tidbit called for some poor man's research via Google. Lo and behold, I immediately discovered a pdf of the city of Arcadia's classic publication, Peafowl in Arcadia. (I also immediately discovered various sightings of the "Feral Peacocks of Arcadia").

For those who aren't aware, "the peacock is a recognizable symbol of Arcadia. It is the official bird of the City and is depicted on the City seal, City logo and street signs." For those who have never been awakened by the unbelievably annoying cry of Peacocks in heat, I can assure you that their high pitched cat-calls are something you can live without. (I have never been awakened by Peafowl in Arcadia, but I have been awakened by Peafowl).

How in the hell did Peacocks originally get introduced to Arcadia? According to the city's brochure, we all have Arcadia's first Mayor, the eccentric, wealthy, and philandering Elias "Lucky" Baldwin to thank for that.

Regardless of the Peafowl, we can be thankful that many of the people who live in Arcadia are nice.

Arcadia is the sort of place that offers home improvement grants for qualified residents. Real news in Arcadia often revolves around development issues. Most recently, there has been some friction concerning development of the Santa Anita Racetrack. This post has been brought to you by a lack of real local news reporting over the annual "special-interest" story frenzy during Christmas and New Years.