Friday, January 26, 2007

Monrovia's Measure L

Measure L, alluded to in my last post, would institute "a parcel tax on residential property" in Monrovia. "Single-family homes would be assessed $62 a year, vacant lots $17 a year and multifamily buildings $46 per unit,” all in order to “raise $15.5 million over 30 years for a state-of-the-art 28,000-square-foot library,” as Mike Lucas’ article in the San Marino Tribune makes clear. Official ballot info is here; info from the city on what the money will buy is here.

The Monrovia city council developed and unanimously approved the measure last year. Getting it passed “will require approval by 67 percent of voters . . . The city paid for a telephone survey that found 51 percent of voters definitely support the tax; 16 percent would probably support it; 4 percent are undecided but learning toward support; while 18 percent definitely oppose it,” according to a December 6 Emanuel Parker article (offline) in the Pasadena Star.

Monrovia's Mayor, Rob Hammond, highlighted the measure at the end of his recent state of the city address. The Emanuel Parker article on the speech, and its warm reception, is offline.

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