Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Buckle Your Seatbelts in Claremont

There is little doubt that things are going to get ugly in Claremont as the March 6th elections draw near. As I've mentioned before, since Claremont city councilwoman and former Mayor Sandy Baldonado has declared she's not running for re-election, the open seat on the Claremont City Council will likely become the swing vote between Jackie McHenry and Corey Calaycay [reformers] on one side and Mayor Peter Yao and Ellen Taylor [status quo] on the other. One of newly filed candidates—Linda Elderkin, Michael John Keenan, Michael Maglio, Opanyi Nasiali or Sam Pedroza—will take Baldonado's seat. Incumbents McHenry and Yao are also up for election in March. Email me if you have more to say about this.

A Will Bigham article in the Daily Bulletin yesterday lets us all in on the fact that there is a lot more money being raised this year by the candidates than in previous elections. They stakes are simply higher this time around.

The fact that Baldonado [status quo] "has donated $250 each to candidates Sam Pedroza and Linda Elderkin" is one indication of where they stand.