Saturday, December 23, 2006

Introducing: The Sierra Madre Cumquat

If you glance down the right side panel of this blog, you will see a new link among our ever-expanding list of local sites of interest. Deserving of special note is the Sierra Madre Cumquat, serving up a hilarious blend of "HARD NEWS LITE." I think you'll agree that Jim Snider's blog is a unique, worthwhile read.

I doubt you'll hear about local clerics decrying Sierra Madre Mayor John Buchanan's promotion of hell anywhere else. Or that Sierra Madre Police raided councilman Don Watts' home and found "a large cache of what authorities believe is the largest possession of hotel paraphernalia Sierra Madre has ever seen."

This is the sort of news you can only get on the internets, people. This is the news that THEY don't want you to read...

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